criticisms of various electoral systems in the uk

Topics: Voting system, Election, Proportional representation Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: January 8, 2014
Since 1997 with the labour government in charge, the UK have adopted various electoral systems. However, there are a number of problems with each systems and some systems are more proportional than others, for example the List System has a higher degree of proportional representation than the First Past The Post system which is used in UK general elections. In spite of this, there are good systems in Northern Ireland, like AMS which is very proportional and provides a simple outcome.

The First Past The Post system usually leads to single party governments (apart from the 2010 election where the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats made a coalition government), having a single party government most of the time can lead to one party dominating, this can lead to low participation as people are discouraged that it will always be the big two and having their opinions being acted upon, and the small minority that voted them in would be happy with this, but the other voters (up to 49.9%) wouldn't be happy with it and may start hate campaigns. Another criticism of FPTP is that no Government in any recent general elections have got 50% of the votes that were cast, and this shows that people are becoming more divided, and maybe are voting for minority parties rather than the "big two", for example the results of the general election in 2010 the results were; Labour 40.7%, Conservatives 31.7% and Liberal Democrats 18.3%. This shows a clear divide between there parties and suggests that the voting system needs to be changed as there is such a divide. However, the FPTP system is straight forward to follow so could lead to increased turnouts because of its simplicity, and this also means that the public become more educated on Politics since they are involved with it.

The Closed Party List is a system used to elect MEPs for the European Parliament. A criticism of this system is that using a closed list system, the candidates are selected by the party and the...
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