Cultural Affect Life

Topics: Mass media, Education, Culture Pages: 3 (1046 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Culture is defined as the set of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors shared by a group of people, communicated from one generation to the next via language or some other means of communication. (Barnouw, 1985) When we talk about culture, it is definitely shaped our cultural values and beliefs through several aspects such as parents, peers and mass media etc.

Culture is learned through our society. With the technology advancement, more talents are needed to tackle the technical problems. It leads to the increases level of education. It becomes more important to study in the university. It is believed that the academic results can influence our prospective. As a result, the society is examination-oriented. No matter we are studying in primary school or secondary school, lots of exams are prepared for us. Originally, the function of examination is to test the student’s ability. However, it is used as a tool to choose the best students to study in university. The others are being discriminated and ignored.

The ideas shaped us to focus on preparing for the exams rather than understanding the sense of studying. Since the capability of the students is different, the students with lower capability are being isolated. When we compared with the university’s students, there are differences between us. We realize that we are not as good as them in all aspect. The society also thinks that we are worse than them. It makes us become self-abased. The society forces us to be a professionist. If you are not, you are failure. Successful depending on the achievement you have made. The achievement is determined by the education level. They are positively related.

Moreover, people can learn by observing the behavior of others and the outcomes of those behaviors. In addition, people are often reinforced for modeling the behavior of other. Then, culture is also learned through our parents. According to the social learning theory (Albert Bandura), parents act as a model of...
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