Cultural Diversity

Topics: Culture, Cultural diversity, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (1224 words) Published: October 22, 2010
Cultural Diversity within the Workplace|
Cultural Diversity within the Workplace
Cultural diversity, what is cultural diversity, and how does it affect the work place? I believe that there are people out there that still may not have a true understanding as to the exact meaning of cultural diversity, or they assume that it is something that only pertains to people who are of a different back ground as the next person. Cultural diversity encases more than just people who come from different backgrounds. According to Cultural diversity is a peaceful coexistence of multiple cultures or societies in an organization (e.g. workplace or university.) A culture can be based on ethnicity (Hispanic, Asian), gender (male, female), age, sexual orientation or religion. Cultural diversity is also referred to as multiculturalism. Two of the key aspects of cultural diversity are coexistence without conflict and exchange of ideas. As a nation we have come a long way as far as cultural diversity within the workplace is concerned. (Hunter, 2009) However, this is still a complaint that can be heard within corporate America even through all this growth and change. People still have closed views of cultural diversity, instead of embracing the diversity, they have and continue to have a blind eye and are prejudice to people are different in some way, whether is age, race, sex or any other form of cultural difference. However, there is good news, companies are becoming more proactive and taking steps that will train employees and offer guidance to help overcome such diversities. If you take a more broadened look into a company’s insides, you can tell whether they are utilizing cultural diversity to their advantage or not. If a company embraces cultural diversity rather than making it a tool for ignorance the company’s growth will most likely surpass other companies that was unwilling to change their ignorant ways. If you part of a work place that...
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