Culture and Margaret Atwood Understand

Topics: Culture, Ritual, Multiculturalism Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: November 18, 2013
How Does Culture Shape Identity?
What people do, make and believe.
Beliefs are most important of the three.
Different cultures have diverse beliefs and attitudes towards different situations. By observing other cultures we can become aware of our own cultural assumptions. Behavior that seems unique to us is what we tend to focus on. Culture affects growing up, race, gender, class, family and language. Canadian Culture and Identity

What does Canada mean to you?
Maple syrup.
Tim Horton’s.
4 seasons
Groups of 7
Margaret Atwood
Understand your culture is important in understanding other cultures. Canada is a multicultural country.
Literature is used to define a culture.
It is easier to explain what we are not than what we are. Hard to define a culture.
“You only know Canada by being away”.
Rites of Passage
Ceremony or ritual that marks a change in life or status. Ceremonies to mark birth, adolescence, marriage and death. Cultures vary on how they celebrate occasions.
Common rites of passage in Canada include:
oReaching puberty
oFirst date
oDriver’s license
oGetting Married
oGetting a job
Three Stage Process:
oFirst stage
oPerson is separated from the rest of society
oIncludes geographical change and change in physical appearance  Transition:
oLiminal stage
oLasts a few hours, days, months, or years
oLearning the new role
oGuidance from instructor
Incorporation and Reintegration:
oReintegrated into regular society
oMarked by tattoos, scars, body paint, or new clothing
oGives up something symbolically indicating one role has ended and another has begun
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