Culture Stereotypes

Topics: Culture, Stereotype, Prejudice Pages: 1 (415 words) Published: March 18, 2015
Culture stereotypes – how to avoid culture conflicts
The world today is a multicultural society. A globalization has brought a greater diversity to communities. Although we live in post-modern world, there are still believes, which can carry narrow-minded character concerning members of some nation. Culture stereotype is the way of categorizing people in to the group and assuming that everyone who has the same culture, religion, values and race would act the same way. Stereotypes are generalizations based primarily on membership in that group without exception. Culture stereotyping usually refers to negative assumptions because it is unjust to individuals who vary from others in the same group or culture. Whenever we talk about people from different culture, we usually categorize people into a group of actions and behaviors we assume that they would act in the same way. Stereotypes are rigid and fixed. Sometimes when the stereotype develops into a rigid attitude and when people’s belief based on wrong assumptions, prejudice occurs. So now what can we do to resolve cultural conflict? First of all, you have to be aware of culture sensitivities and diversities. Do not judge people from other cultures from their behaviors or appearances, because you do not know what lies beneath those behaviors. Moreover, you should try to be open and willing to accept others’ differences as much as possible when communicating with people form different cultures. How to improve communication among different cultures? Firstly, learn about other cultures. Learning about other cultures, only a basic level would make a big difference with you traveling to that country or have a conversation with others. You will have a sense what to do or should not do. Secondly, understand the potential problem that might occurs from cultural differences. Culture is an essential part of conflict, so please bare in mind that your words or action might found offensive in other cultures. Moreover, learn...
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