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According to Piaget’s theory, intelligence is the development by interaction between body and environment. We have four main stage of developed intelligence and every stage mark the development of the brain. For instance, sensorimotor stage (birth to age 2) is the stage that children understand the world by a combination between sensory and action. Concrete stage, children can perform a number of logical operation, and the next stage is formal operation stage that children develop the ability to think and solve abstract problems. Almost psychologist agrees with this theory. However, I do not totally agree with this theory because when we apply this theory, it means intelligence like as a stair so we have to complete this stage to go the next stage. It cannot explain about super youth who can do abstract math at 5 years old and graduate university under 15 years old. In my opinion, intelligence is not only depends on age but also training. I had read a book “I have to go Havard to study business” (Vietnamese book was translated from Chinese book) this book tells a story about a girl who received fours invitation of top 4 schools in the US. At the beginning, she has nothing better than the others but she has her parents who teach and train their daughter from 3 years old with unique methods to get success at age 15. It means we can get success so soon if we have right methods. In my opinion, children study day by day at primary school, secondary school like as developing stage of cognitive in Piaget’s theory, so Piaget’s theory make a barrier for developing people, it make us follow a circle we have to complete primary school and then you go up to secondary and final is university. For instance, in my country you cannot graduate high school if you were not 18 years old. I think the teacher should not give abstract math problem to solve for first and second grade students because they are first grade student even they do...
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