David Bismark E Voting Without Fraud

Topics: Voting, Elections, Voting system Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: December 7, 2014
Videos: David Bismark: E-voting without fraud
Speaker: David Bismark

1. There are a few things that bring us humans together in the way that an election does. We stand in elections; we vote in elections; we observe elections. Our democracies rely on elections.  2. The fundamental idea is that politicians are given mandate to speak for us, to make decisions on our behalf that affect us all.Without that mandate, they would be corrupt. 3. Even if the idea of the election is perfect,running a countrywide election is a big project, and big projects are messy. Whenever there is an election, it seems like something always goes wrong, someone tries to cheat, or something goes accidentally awry. 4. What I want us to think about for a moment is what happens after that, after you drop your vote into the ballot box. And most people would go home and feel sure that their vote has been counted,because they trust that the election system works. They trust that election workers and election observers do their jobs and do their jobs correctly. Most of us have to trust that happens correctly for our own vote, and we all have to trust that that happens correctly for all the votes in the election.  5. We have to trust a lot of people. We have to trust a lot of procedures. And sometimes we even have to trust computers.  6. Question: how can we do elections differently?

    Elections should be verifiable. Voters should be able to check that their votes are counted correctly, without breaking election secrecy, which is so very important. 7. Question: How do we make an election system completely verifiable while keeping the votes absolutely secret?      The way we've come up with uses computers but doesn't depend on them. And the secret is the ballot form. If you look closely at these ballot forms, you'll notice that the candidate list is in a different order on each one. If you mark your choices on one of...
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