Day of Yahweh

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Josh Wilson
Minor Prophets
November 15, 2010
Dr. Joseph Cathey

The Day of Yahweh

The Day of Yahweh is the day that most people associate with a period of time or a certain day that will occur when God’s will and purpose for His world and for mankind will be fulfilled. Some people believe that the day of the Lord will be a longer period of time than a single day- a period of time when Christ will reign throughout the world before He cleanses heaven and earth in preparation for the eternal promise of all mankind. Other scholars believe the day of the Lord will be an instantaneous event when Christ returns to earth to redeem His faithful believers and send unbelievers to eternal damnation. We can find support and promises of this throughout the Bible. In summation according to Amos 5, the DOY (Day of Yahweh) will be a day of darkness like we have never experienced or are even able to fathom. For the first time people of the earth will experience God’s total, all powerful wrath. We will see that the things of this world that we have sought after that we consider to be necessities will be stripped from us and account for nothing. Our views of greatness such as fame, fortune, and our own personal images will be for nothing as God unleashes His wrath upon the people of the earth. “The New Testament calls it a day of “wrath,” a day of “visitation,” and the “great day of God Almighty” (Revelation 16:14) and refers to a still future fulfillment when God’s wrath is poured out on unbelieving Israel (Isaiah 22; Jeremiah 30:1-17; Joel 1-2; Amos 5; Zephaniah 1) and on the unbelieving world (Ezekiel 38–39; Zechariah 14)”. (Got Questions Ministries) Are people of the world ready for this day that is nearing? The Old Testament was prophesying the day as a day that is near and forth coming. In Isaiah 13:6 it says, “Wail, for the day of the LORD is near…” Just how long away is this day? Just glancing at the passage it appears that God wants the Israelites to go...

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