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Topics: Reality television, Television, Television program Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: August 18, 2014
I am fairly certain every single person in this room has seen or heard a reality TV show over their lifetime – It’s our guilty pleasure! We can’t help that we like it, and that’s just human nature. Good evening adjudicators, chairperson, opposition, ladies and gentlemen. My name is ____ and I am the second speaker for the negative team. Tonight I will be explaining how reality TV exposes and introduces aspiring actors, musicians and performers to the real world. I will also go into depth about the type of contestants on most reality television shows, and the effects it’s had on the entertainment industry. Attune your mindsets to the positive reality of reality television. I’d now like to take this opportunity to rebut the opposition’s faulty arguments. *rebuttal – 1.5 minutes*

Picture this: 17 year old ____ desperately aspires to become a singer, but comes to find herself lacking confidence to get her music out there and chase her dream. During lunch at school one day, ____ overhears her peers excitedly talking about how The Voice is coming to their small town. ____ seizes her miraculous chance, and nervously auditions for her favourite talent reality TV show. She ends up surviving all stages, and then proceeds to win the finals! Small-town ______ has utilized reality TV to kick-start her career and gain extra publicity to help her along the way. This is exactly what happened to 17-year old Nashville-resident Danielle Bradbery, who beat the odds and won the fourth season of the Voice. She’s since toured with the likes of Hunter Hayes and Brad Paisley, and people approach her on the street to receive her autograph. Among Danielle, many others have followed her success, such as Paul Potts (who is now having a movie made about him). The talent-kind of Reality TV has broadened these teen’s career opportunities, given them a brilliant memory they’ll never forget and boosted their confidence in themselves to pursue their career further. Attune your mindsets to the...
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