Denise Levertov

Topics: Vietnam War, Cold War, Vietnam Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: August 1, 2006
Denise Levertov was an anti-war supporter and one of the famous poets in the 20th century. She was born in 1923 and started publishing her works after the Second World War. Levertov wrote a variety of poems during the Vietnam War including interesting aspects of political development. By the means of poetry Levertov was trying to touch the ethics of Americans.

She starts to write about war poems for the first time around 1966 and this is clearly indicated by her poem "Life At War". Levertov begins by her own inability to respond: "The disasters numb within us" (1st line). Because the war is far and we only familiar of it by the way of pictures and news, this makes it difficult to bring it in one's own current imagination.

"The same war continues…with the gray filth of it." (lines 12 to 18), Levertov relates "war" largely in the air we breathe in. It is the reflection that we have breathed the polluted war air daily and we are not able to take any action.

Levertov considers universal human race by bearing in mind that men and women the same by using "we" – "Yes, this is…peace would have." (lines 40 to 47).

"Life At War" ends by saying "nothing we can say…peace would have". (lines 45 to 47) Levertov ends with these lines because she draws our attention on how war is bad for us and the way war spoils our relaxed life.

The poem "Life At War" values the understanding of how Americans overlooked the war. The poem looks at the cost of war and Levertov's message against war. "Life At War" succeeds by presenting the impressive sarcastic difference between disorder, damage, death and the "potential" which are the contributions of harmony.

"Life At War" includes different viewpoints on the Vietnam war, but it also imitates Levetov's internal responses to the events taking place externally. Levertov uses influential language and wants the audience to have their own feelings and reactions. She wants to motivate and inspirit an individual's...
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