Despicable me and religion nots

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Despicable me is a movie that was directed by two different producers. A summary about that movie is a guy named Gru and he adopt three little girls at first probably from a foster house it really doesn't say where. At first he just wants the girls so they can help him solve his mission which is trying to enter to the enemy's house. He makes it possible by telling the girls to sell their Girl Scouts cookies to him which they accomplish to do and his little robots get into the house and try to solve the mission. At first the girls did not know that he was just using them to be helped in his project they thought he really loved them. At the end you see the happy ending between all of the three girls and Gru and they live happily. Then despicable me 2 came out and it has a whole lot of romance in it and some action and some adorable minions. Next subject

Truth in the bible
Relational truth- you know it is true from your experience and from the testimony of others. Symbolic truth- parable- story that uses easily understood symbols and ends with a surprising moral lesson Moral truth- laws and standards for living

Religious truth- describes God's relationship with humankind.

Senses of scripture
Literal sense- what the written words mean as they are written. Spiritual sense- looks at what the words signify
Allegorical- speaks to what we believe -> to faith
Moral- how we are to behave as followers of Christ-> to charity Anagogical- points to our ultimate destiny happiness with God forever-> to hope

Overview of the Bible
God is the author of the bible.
The word bible is from a Greek word which means "books."
Composed of 73 books - 46 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books. Books are NOT arranged in the order in which they were written. Most books written by several authors.

Canon of scripture
Canon refers to the books of the Old and the New Testaments that the church accepts as inspired books.

Old Testament
The canon of the Old Testament...
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