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The churches mission at first sound quite evangelical. But it truly is not the bible talks rigorously about world mission not just teaching the bible. But actually making a difference ecologically,

was something that Christopher J.H Wright said later on in chapter three. But I believe it sums up the theology in the previous chapters. I believe missions today have a stigma to mean evangelical doctrine only. But really it means much more ecological,

In the minds of Christians today mission or missions generally mean to preach and I believe Christians today have lost the core understanding of the word “mission”. At times we forget as Christians that Christ ate and lived with non- Christians serving and helping others.

Because its a responsibility not just for Christians but as a human race to care for one another and even more so ecologically which we all know is very important. Church of Christ is not a building but the people. And to take the gospel to the world means taking Christ body “mission is Christ centred or it is not even biblical” And truly believe Christopher,

In the minds of Christians today the mission to take the gospel to the world seem da

Christopher J.H Wright said something that really caught my eye which was “We don't stop being human beings when we become Christians” That idea I believe should be at the core of Christian thought of taking the gospel to the world. We generally forget at times that Jesus ate and lived harmoniously with others. But prior to reading the book , I had not realised the importance of living with nature and wild life peacefully. My observation is not manly on my brothers and sisters but my own. The importance of the old testament in the mission today was quite odd at first. The idea that we are responsible for animals biblically really took me by surprise. “mission for caring for creation” I believed meant human oriented but that mission meant caring for ALL OF CREATION. Including...
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