Dictatorship V/S Democracy

Topics: Democracy, Government, Elections Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: July 10, 2006
think this question will evoke various responses depending on the environment that one has grown up in; and what his ideal world would be. I agree with Laura when she says that everything depends on the people, and what language they understand. Personally, I prefer a democracy for a number of reasons.

In a democracy, everyone is their own master. They have the ability to practise the religion they please, preach the religion they want to preach, have the right to free speech, and more importantly have the right to vote, and choose their representatives to government. A good argument for dictatorship would be that people would do as they please, would not be an asset to society and not contribute to society. They would not send their kids to school, nor would they pay taxes. My answer to that would be, these kind of incidents happen if the majority of the population in the country is ignorant , caused by illiteracy, poverty and other factors. This is the situtation faced by us. So dont come to the conclusion that democracy is responsible for illiteracy, the reasons are different. Being a democracy the will of the people works: in the previous general election the previous BJP coalition had achieved several milestones: the economy was booming, GDP growth was above 7% annually, second behind China, unemployment was at its lowest. A rosy picture for someone like me, who is frankly doing a lot better than 99% of the country. However, the bigger picture was that the farmers, and workers, who form the backbone of our industries were not happy, and hence the government fell. Compare that to a dictatorship, would it have been possible to bring about a change; Dictatorship gives one-man rule and hence quick decisions and lesser corruption, whereas democracy, prevents the misuse of power by one man (offcourse misuse would be there, nevertheless) and all the discussions are carried out after thorough talks.
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