Difference Between TV Series and Movies

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Compare & Contrast
You are at home lying on the couch, and you are bored. You decide to flip on the TV and at the exact moment your eye catches the new romantic comedy out in theaters next week. It stars your favorite actress. Your brain is telling you, you have to go see this. A simple movie trailer can have that much effect on you. TV shows can do the same, a good commercial or movie trailer can help seal the deal. Movies are full length, but TV shows last 30 minutes to one hour.

In the entertainment industry money, style, and appearance are a big deal. With movies and TV shows their genres are generally the same. They have a different sense of style for each, age restrictions are the same G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. The proper way of going about these ratings sometimes have to do with the network the show will be broadcast on. A network like Showtime has a more graphic way of going about things. Movies show everything according to what movie you are seeing, G, and PG are your basic cartoon family genre, and PG-13, R all the way up to NC-17 will be more adult content as well as language.

The way a movie make you feel is completely different from how a TV series does. A movie can make you so angry at the end and that is it you won’t ever see it again unless there is a part two which might not even have the same actors. While a TV show is weekly so you are not left hanging to vent your frustrations. You will soon get your answer. But then again a TV show can leave you hanging just like a movie usually when it is the season finale.

Movies and television shows can hit on some pretty hardcore topics especially stuff that people can relate to, often decisions made during movies and TV shows reveal things coming through your own life. A movie as well as a television show can make you really think and react on certain things.
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