Diversifying Hoikuen Offerings to Drive Japan Pre-Primary Education and Childcare Market Revenue: Ken Research

Topics: Nursery school, Primary education, Early childhood education Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Japan lies amongst the leading countries in providing the early childhood care and education in the world. The pre-primary and child care industry is one of the most important growth drivers of the overall education industry in Japan and forms a major share of the educational spending of the households. The falling births rates of Japan for last several years have although adversely affected the number of enrollments in last few years, however, the demand for the childcare and preschool centres remains high. The rising participation of women in the workforce has further strengthened the demand. Presently, the government of Japan is facing huge to provide more number of preschool and childcare centres in order to meet the huge demand. Private players, over the years have taken advantage of the prevailing demand-supply crisis situation and have resultantly gained increasing traction in the pre-primary education and childcare industry of Japan. The pre-primary education and childcare markets of Japan are broadly segmented on the basis of the target population and work status of parents, and are governed under separate ministries. The pre-primary education market of Japan is characterized by high gross enrollment rates, encouraged and supported by growing awareness levels amongst the masses about the importance of the pre-primary education. Pre-primary education market thus enjoys a dominant share in the overall market and showcased revenues of USD ~ million in FY’2012. The pre-primary market caters to children of 3-6 years of age through preschool centres called youchien. The childcare market of Japan is growing industry segment which caters to children of 4 months to 6 years of age through centers called hoikuen. The childcare centres of Japan provide both preschool education and care to the young kids. The demand for the childcare centres has been rising in Japan with an increasing number of dual-income earning households. In FY’2013, the market registered...
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