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As today's world becomes increasingly global in its outlook and as the marketplace becomes increasingly global in nature, multiculturalism most likely will grow. Although the transition to a multicultural place could result in issues, multiculturalism provides many advantages that can help a community prosper. Multicultural diversity can be of great benefit for individuals in society because it allows people to get a glimpse at cultures other than their own. It widens their perspective of the world. However, in some situations, multicultural diversity can also lead to tensions. In any given environment, there may be unique advantages and disadvantages of multicultural interaction. Furthermore, allowing people with varying opinions to come together works well in a wide range of settings; which includes work environments, education settings, social situations, entertainment, sports, and so forth.

On the other side, a few conceivable disadvantages of multicultural situations may lead to racial tensions among different ethnicities or other strained relations amongst different groups. These negative outcomes generally are the result of people who are ill-informed and allow them to maintain a stance that comes across as ignorance or bias from one or more parties, rather from than the actual mixing of cultures.

Some may argue against globalism and multicultural diversity because they think it results in blending and thus the loss of distinct cultures, because the thought is that once people begin blending, then the original cultures get lost in the shuffle. However, an easy argument against that is that it is up to people within a particular culture to maintain traditions as they see fit.

An example of a multicultural country is Canada. In the 21st century, Canada is often characterised as being ""very progressive, diverse, and multicultural". However, Canada until the 1940s saw itself in terms of English and French cultural, linguistic and...
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