Does Tv Have a Negative Influence on Society

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The negative effects of television are huge. To minimize the potential negative effects of television, it's important to understand what the impact of television can be on children. Violence
Over the past two decades, hundreds of studies have examined how violent programming on TV affects children and young people. While a direct "cause and effect" link is difficult to establish, there is a growing consensus that some children may be vulnerable to violent images and messages. Researchers have identified three potential responses to media violence in children: * Increased fear—also known as the "mean and scary world" syndrome Children, particularly girls, are much more likely than adults to be portrayed as victims of violence on TV, and this can make them more afraid of the world around them. * Desensitization to real-life violence

Some of the most violent TV shows are children's cartoons, in which violence is portrayed as humorous—and realistic consequences of violence are seldom shown. * Increased aggressive behaviour
This can be especially true of young children, who are more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour after viewing violent TV shows or movies. Today, the average American watches close to four hours of TV each day. Based on this, by age 65, the average U.S. citizen will have spent nearly 9, nonstop, 24 hour-a-day years glued to "the tube."  54% of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, said they would prefer to watch television  It has been shown that children who watch TV more than 10 hours a week suffer negative academic effect Television Teaches Us To Be Passive Lemmings

One of the most insidious negative effects of television is that it teaches us to sit back and accept instead of acting and thinking. The voices coming over the box will tell you that beef is what's for dinner, that you need that sports car, and that the world is dangerous and beyond our ability to fix. All lies. Television Is Making Us Fat

While horrible diets certainly contribute, another of the negative effects of television is the endless hours spent sitting motionless in front of television, which is a major cause of the obesity epidemic gripping the country. 26.6% of the population of the United States were obese in 2007 (3).

If people were moving for those four and a half hours every day, chances are they'd be a lot thinner. Television Makes Us Materialistic
Cut out the ads and you'll notice a huge difference. Though I have no hard statistics to back it up, I'd estimate that I've reduced my non-necessity purchases by at least half over the last 6 years.

I realize that I just don't need most of the crap that I used to buy. I can borrow most of the worthwhile stuff from the library or friends and produce less waste in the world. Spending that money on more important things is also nice.   Excessive television viewing is seen to trigger violence or aggression in children. * Watching violent scenes at an early stage might make the kids scary of the world and find every other human being as mean. Often known as ‘mean and scary world’ syndrome, it might push them backwards in taking decisions of life. * Sitting in front of the television, for long hours, has been linked with obesity, as physical activity gets diminished considerably. * Children become influenced towards eating junk food, as there is a lot of promotion on the television, regarding the same. * The bombardment of sexual content on TV exposes teens to half-baked knowledge about sex at an early age, which is harmful for their mental growth. There is seldom mention of proper sex education or issues and risks related to it. * Devoting more time towards watching television leads to poor academic performance, as a child neglects his/ her studies. * Many advertisements and programs shown on television focus on beauty products and...
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