Domestic Attitudes and the Media in America

Topics: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson, First Indochina War Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: February 1, 2014
Did domestic attitudes and the media (in America) impact the effectiveness of US forces in Vietnam?

The conflict in Vietnam has been sparked ever since 1955, which it involves a number of nations. One of the significant players in the conflict is U.S. U.S has sent a large number of troops to Vietnam and fought a long lasting war on a different soil. This well known war in the decade knows to the Americans as the Vietnam War. During the course of the actions, the U.S political policies have seriously impacted U.S’s domestic society. As a result, the domestic attitudes and media developed a resisting attitude against the warring policies, which the public’s attitudes significantly influenced the effectiveness of U.S’s forces in Vietnam. Ever since 1950 and the French Indochina war, U.S has been constantly committing resources into the conflict in Vietnam. After John F. Kennedy has enrolled as the 35th president, the policy has been devoting more economic and military resources to the battlefront in Vietnam. Later on the domestic general public in U.S becomes irritated with the warring policies, which the general public begins the largest antiwar movement in the history. The antiwar movement begins in 1965, which it first starts out among the campuses of different college and university. This movement is known as the teach-ins that most of the participants are students. The importance of the teach-ins movement is that it has slowed President Johnson from implementing more aggressive policies toward the war in Vietnam. The students protest against the government while President Johnson is attempting to stabilize the general public. However, the movements become more intensified as the political situation changes. In 1965, President Johnson orders bombing parts of the North Vietnam. In addition, President Johnson increased the number of troops that are serving in Vietnam and the number of air forces in 1966. Such political events triggered...
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