Draft Letter Going to War in Vietnam

Topics: United States, Cold War, Army Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: January 17, 2013
It was a very hot and humid day. I will never forget that awful day. I just had gotten home from work; the traffic that day was horrible. The mail was in top of my dining room table, and there it was on top of all the mail, the only thing o saw on the envelope was draft and I was the addressee. My reaction was “Oh My God”, my heart was pounding very heart it felt like it was about to jump out of my chest, my ears were burning. All I could think was that we are told that we are helping people and fighting for our freedom. Instead innocent people are being killed; I have lost most of my freedom. What options do I have, leave the country, or hide for the rest of your life. Or go to war not only means serving your country, but helping people along the way. What were my advantages or disadvantages? None of those options were good, at that point I was in shock, and I just could not believe that this was happening to me, till this day I do not remember ever opening that letter.

The advantage I saw was, if I went to war the money I will be getting. With that money I could help my family, have a better future, and it can help me open a lot of doors. The disadvantage is that I can get killed, injured, my family would be devastated, but at the same time they would feel proud. To some, including me the Vietnam War was a crime, an attempt by the United States to suppress a heroic Vietnamese national liberation movement that had driven French colonialism out of its country. To others, the Vietnam War was a forfeit, a just war needlessly lost by timid policymakers and a biased media. For many including myself, the Vietnam War was a tragic mistake brought about by U.S. leaders who exaggerated the influence of communism and underestimated the power of nationalism.

Another advantage would be that I would come back as a hero, either alive or in a box. I will still be considered a hero, that is, if I live in a community that is very patriotic. But in my case I do not live in...
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