Dream Children

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Dream children

full name of essay is dream childern-a reverie. the essay is about a dream. in the essay all characters are real except the children alice and john. from the title we can guess that its a dream and reverie also means a day dream. alice and john are children of james elia(charles lamb). they ask their father, james elia, to tell them about their grandmother. grandmother's name is field who has been acquainted to us by lamb as perfect women with great qualities. incidents are real from life of lamb. there is a story related to the house where grandmother field was a keeper. it was about the murder of children by their cruel uncle. alice and john came to know this story through a carved writing on a tree which was later brought down by a rich man. after the death of grandmother, house owner took away his belongings and place them in his new house where they look awkward. when grandmother was alive she use to sleep alone but elia was afraid of the souls of infants murdered by uncle as it was thought that house is haunted by the spirits of those children. elia has a brother john full of enthusiasm and zeal, who was loved by everyone specially by her grandmother. on the other hand elia's childhood was full of isolation and he remained stagnnant though out his life. his mind was working fast but bodily or pysically he was totally off and lazy. he was lame and helped by john in every possible way who used to carry him in his back. unfortunately, john also become lame but elia never helped him and after his death he realized or missing him. at the end of the essay, alice and john are crying after hearing all this. elia is looking his wife, whose name also alia, in alice face. the childern started to become faint and say to elia or lamb that we are not your real children and alice is not your wife and our mother. lamb wakes up finds himself in armed chair and james elia was vanished. the whole story is based on life of lamb, he was never able to married...
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