Duties of a Citizen

Topics: Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh, Korean War Pages: 4 (1436 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Recently you won’t be seeing an American citizen care much about anything other than them selves. Their main priority is to ensure the perfection of their own lives. That is not being a good citizen though. Making sure your needs are met before you look up and see what you can help with is corrupt and selfish. We need to care more about how we can help our country and what we need to do to be a good citizen. Having clear goals, consistent ideals, and unity is what makes a country powerful; so when any of these components are lacking, a country and its citizens will weaken, which is happening in America. Being a citizen of America has become virtually insignificant to our people, and is now crippling us.

These three components depend upon one another to ensure the strength of a country. We must value all these elements to check our loyalty for our countries endeavors. Specifically the ideals should be based on the standards your country wants, since it is the structure to your country’s government. But ideals consist of what you and your country should value in your beliefs, ethics, and principals so the people can jointly support their country. Our ideals (especially American) have been accepted by each subsequent generation until recently. Unity is a common understanding and belief within a group of people; it is joining together for an ultimate cause. Goals are the start of our countries ambition to aim for our desired result and produce the product of our efforts. The ideals however establish a consensus on what we value or believe in as a country, it creates boundaries on our moral standard. We have to stay true to our constitution and the morals that were founded with it. To stray off and feel superior to your own ideals is no exception. That is what breaks the core and ruins our countries long lasting policies. Being a country of the people, for everything from the military to the government to the public should be equally united in the same goals....
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