E111 TMA01

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TMA01 (module E111)
Donna Anderson PI # C2008670
Supporting Ethical Guidance note: In accordance with the ethical guidance (Open University 2013) I have followed BERA ethical guidelines (BERA 2011), all names/school details have been changed to ensure anonymity and protection of children referred to in the following assignment.

My Role.
I am employed in a Roman Catholic Primary school. I currently work in a split 1/2 year group and support a 5 year old boy on a 1:1 basis. The boy that I support has social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. I work 27 hours per week as a Teaching Assistant and 5 hours per week as an MDSA. During the lunch hour I support children of all ages, during this hour deal with a vast range challenging behaviour. Support for the pupils can be provided by what Lee (cited in Hancock and Colloby, 2013, p.14) “direct support”. I give direct support by working on a 1:1 basis, when I do this I regularly use all six elements of the Scaffolding for learning identified by Rogoff (cited in Hall, 2013, p. 89). I encourage the pupil to complete set tasks using positive language and giving examples of how he can complete the task. My direct support decreases during each task as he begins to understand what has been asked of him. I have a group of six pupils that I support as well as my 1:1. I also give these pupils direct support if they do not understand the task. This is when scaffolding for learning takes place. (K.U 1.1) If the child still does not understand I introduce Socio-Constructivism. (K.U 3.1) I ask the other children to explain or give examples of how they are managing the task. I begin the direct support again by using positive praise for the work that has been done. I use direct support by listening to the children read or comforting them if they have an accident or become upset. “Indirect Support” for pupils is given by setting up the classroom and collecting equipment that is needed for the lesson. The support that is given to pupils by teaching assistants should reinforce what has been taught and should help to maintain the expected learning outcomes set by the class teacher, they should also have knowledge of the curriculum within primary schools. The teacher and I work together in a way similar to that of Mandy Lewis and Keeley Flemming, (The Open University, 2014). We work in partnership with each other. I reinforce what the teacher is saying. If the children are not paying attention I redirect their attention back to the teacher. I work similarly to James Galloway (The Open University, 2014) I mediate between children, withdrawing them from the class to help them work through issues as quickly as possible. Providing detailed, regular feedback to the teacher on pupil’s achievements, progress, problems and support the teacher in managing pupil behaviour. (K.U 4.3) Support for the school comes by being aware of and complying with policies and procedures and contribute to the overall ethos/work/aims of the school. By attending meetings, training courses, working with parents and outside professional bodies and valuing other members of staff and children within the school. (PPS 4.3) To support the curriculum I am aware of a range of activities, courses, organisations and individuals that provide support for pupils to enrich their learning. I support pupil’s use of ICT, help with planning and delivering of the activities by using guidance from teaching staff. I prepare resources as directed by the teacher and assist pupils in their use. I also implement the “hidden curriculum” by reminding the children of the school rules and ways to respect others. (K.U 1.4)

Previous interests and experiences.
Before I became a Teaching assistant I was the owner of two businesses. One of these was in the construction industry and the other was a children’s indoor soft play area. In both businesses I had to use an array of “Soft Skills”, working under pressure, listening to customers/client’s...

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