Education System in UK

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The Education System in UK
By law, all children in the UK between 5 years old and 16 years old must receive a full-time education.  Approximately 8.5 million children attend one of the 30,000 schools in England.  More than 90 percent of pupils attend publicly funded state schools. The remainder attend Private fee paying schools. 根据法律规定,5岁和16岁之间,在英国所有儿童必须接受全日制教育。约8.5万名儿童参加了30000 所学校在英国的一个。 90%以上的学生参加由政府资助的公立学校。其余参加私人自费的学校。 Education in the UK is divided into primary, middle, secondary, further and higher education. 英国教育分为小学,初中,高中,继续教育和高等教育。 The ages for school are between 5 and 16 years and compulsory education lasts for approximately 11 years. 历代学校是5至16岁义务教育持续约11年。

Children are legally required to start attending school at the start of the term after their fifth birthday either on 31 August, 31 December or 31 March.  儿童法律要求他们的第五个生日,无论是8月31日12月31日或3月31日之后开始上学,在学期的开始。 During this time children must receive full-time education that is suited to their age, ability, aptitude and special educational requirements. This is provided free by the Government. This includes all textbooks and uniforms if the school uses them. All schoolchildren are entitled to one free hot meal and drink per school day. 在此期间,儿童必须接受的是适合他们的年龄,能力,性向和特殊的教育要求全日制教育。这是由政府免费提供。这包括所有的课本和校服,如果学校使用它们。所有的中小学生都享受一次免费热餐和饮料每所学校的一天。 If a child does not attend school, the Education Department and local Police must be satisfied that the child is being educated suitably. 如果孩子不上学,教育署和当地警方必须确信孩子受教育适当。 It is a criminal offence for a Parent not to send their child to school. They can be fined or jailed if they refuse to do so. 这是一种犯罪行为的家长不要送他们的孩子上学。他们会被罚款或如果他们拒绝这样做获刑。

Primary education begins when children are 5 and finishes at 7. 小学教育开始时,孩子们5,完成7。
Middle education begins at 7 and finishes at 11.
Secondary education in the UK normally starts at the age of 11 years old and finishes at 16. 中学教育在英国,通常开始于11岁,饰面年龄在16。 中学教育在英国,通常开始于11岁,饰面年龄在16。. Further Education starts at 16 and...
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