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The Strength of the Razak Report 1956
Basically, there is severals strength of the 1956 Razak Report in effort to bring big changes to the schools with the ultimate goal of uniting the people. Among the main items contained in this Report was to establish two types of primary school; they were the National Primary School (SRK) with the Malay language as medium of instruction and the National Type Primary School (SRJK) using Mandarin, Tamil and English as the mediums of instruction. However, it was the first time that the Malay language was taught in all the National Type Schools. This was a process to transform it into the National Language. The Razak Report also proposed a secondary education system with the Malay language as the medium of instruction. (Penyata Razak, Perenggan 12, 1956) Other than that, this policy also supported the Malay language as the national language as well as to standardized the same educational content at all level of schooling to inculate the spirit of unity and cooperation among the students from different races. The spirit of this education policy became the foundation to create a healthy and educated young generation as the human resource to developing the nation. Students also can begin their activity together under one roof and use the same school facilities without any discrimination. So, students are able to understand the customs, culture, thinking and sensitive matters that cannot even arise in a race. In fact, students can also foster a sense of belonging or spirit de corps among them. Although there is opposition from the Chinese people, the people of India largely accept the Malay language as a compulsory subject in primary schools. (Haris Md Jali, 1990), stated that representative of India society in the Federal Legislative Council SOK Abdullah praised the Razak Report as "giving" their languages ​​as valid in the state of education system. (

The Weaknesess of the Razak Report 1956
However, the Razak Report still has certain weaknesess in the fight for racial unity. The pressure that exists at the time it makes the Razak Report a report too careful to keep racism. Razak Report is a step backwards compared to the statement made ​​by Barnes had suggested that only held a national school in Inggeris and Malay Language. This report suggests that less forthright removed to other schools such as the statement made ​​by Barnes. In fact, the Chinese and Indian students also have problems in adapting their use Bahasa Malaysia as the national type primary school to school each maintaining their own language so the transition class (kelas peralihan) is created, but still failed to solve this particular problem. Failure to adapt will cause lag in education, especially for Indians. In addition, Razak Report still uses a system of multi-language schooling. The non-Malays, especially the association of Chinese school teachers are not satisfied with the Razak Report for education, chinese language and culture have been neglected. This protest forced the government to create a new committee to review of the Razak Report. In 1960, the committee report was completed and named in honor of Rahman Talib Report of the committee chairman and the then Minister of Education Abdul Rahman bin Talib. Basically, the Rahman Talib Report (LRT) is only intended to strengthen and improve the goals, concepts, and an education system that is contained in Razak Report. The proposals submitted by the LRT were written into the Education Act 1961. Recommendation

For the first recommendation, the use of the national language as the medium of instruction. As we know, Malay is the national language of our country. In accordance with the position of Malay as the official language was enshrined in Article 152 of the Constitution of Malaysia and the National Language Act 1967. The use of a language of communication and understanding between the people of the...

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Penyata Razak 1956, (Perenggan 12)
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