Educational Scheme by Government to Improve Education

Topics: High school, College, Secondary school Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Government started many scheme to boost the education so that all the students of different society can get education easily at free or less cost. Indian and state government started many project to provide quality education to the students and people. There are many scheme and projects that are given below; SCHEMES OF VOCATIONALISATION OF SECONDARY EDUCATION:::The Scheme is being conducted since 1986. The main objectives of the vocationalasation of secondary education are to provide diversification of Educational opportunities so as to enhance individual employability, reduce the mismatch between demand and supply of skilled manpower and to provide an alternative for those pursuing higher Education.Vocational Education will be a distinct stream intended to prepare students for identified occupations spanning several areas of activity. These courses will be provided in general education institutions after the secondary stage with flexible duration ranging from one to three years. 2. OPERATION BLACK – BOARD SCHEME::::This scheme is conducted since 1986.In this scheme the Institutional equipment and Instructional material are provided for the students studying in primary Schools in M.P.Provision is made to provide salary of an additional Teacher to these Primary Schools enrolling 100 or more than 100 students for two years.At present scheme is conducted by Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission . JAWAHAR VILLAGE PROSPERITY SCHEME::::: Under operation Black – Board Scheme the Govt. of India has provided the 45% fund of the total cost of construct school building. 15% fund is provided by Department of Panchayat and social Welfare . The rest 40% has been contributed by School Education Department from its Plan limit.Under this scheme an aims is to construct school building for 1613 primary schools consisting two Class Rooms, one Varandah, one Teacher Room and separate toilets to boys and girls . 3. IMPROVEMENT IN SCIENCE EDUCATION SCHEME:;;;The scheme is initiated since October...
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