Effect of Technology on Family Life

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The Effect of Technology on Family Life
In the last twenty years technological advancements have changed the way we work, live and communicate. According to English-Lueck and Molitor, technology has had a mixed effect on the balance of family life, technology has either improved the balance of a family or it can restrict the way a family operates.

English-Lueck believes that technology has improved the way a family can communicate. There is no need for written schedules. Families can now integrate their family and work obligations on one calendar to view on their computer or phone. English-Lueck also pointed out that cell phones are helpful to the working parent to easily keep in contact with their children. Working parents can call to ensure their children have arrived home from school. Many families use email to stay in constant contact with each other, even though they may live many miles apart. Although, this seems to aide in family closeness, English-Lueck has pointed out that it has also caused distress in the “aging mother” (page 4). Because of this contact within her family, the aging mother has found her role as the center of the family eroded, since her children no longer need to communicate through her.

English-Lueck also states that that the concept of bringing work home with us has changed. It has become more difficult for us to ‘switch off’ after work. People tend to bring work home with them, either by littering their homes with work related magazines or by thinking about work during other activities. At times, a familys’ together time is saturated by using technology, phones, televisions and etc.

Molitor agrees that technology has affected the way a family communicates. Families are increasingly attempting to stay in contact at all times. Molitor shows how even newborns are introduced to technology. Parents rely on two way radio transmitters (baby monitors) for their sleeping babies. Adults and teens are never forgetting to leave home...

References: Engllish-Lueck, J.A (1998 June 18). Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community. COSSA Congressional Seminar
Molitor, G. T. T (2003, January). Communication technologies that will change our lives. USA Today.
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