Effective Apologies and Forgiving the Christian Way

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Effective Apologies and Forgiving the Christian Way
Everyone has had to apologize and accept an apology at some point of time in their lives. They my not have known the art of apologizing and forgiving, but these are traits that people are taught from a very small age. Forgiveness is one or the toughest tasks known to man, whereas others may argue needing to apologize is tougher. A lot of times pride gets in the way of an awesome apology and stubbornness take precedence over forgiving and accepting an apology. Thus being said, apologies and forgiveness are a tough pill to swallow, and this essay will discuss effective ways to apologize, what the Bible says about forgiving others and why Christians should forgive. Effective Ways to Apologize

“I’m sorry, but the only reason I’m apologizing is because I have to or I will be put on punishment” or “sorry for making you cry, but you shouldn’t have made me mad”, are not only bad examples of an apology, but they are also not effective. Wagner states an apology is a powerful means of reconciliation and restoring of trust. When making an apology and asking for forgiveness, one should want to make the apology as effective as possible. One effective way to apologize is making sure both parties are at a common understanding of the exact substance and nature or the offence or perceived offence (Wagner, 1999). This way everyone is on the same page from the beginning of the apology and it will be received well by the offended party. Wagner also states expressing acknowledgement of the pain or embarrassment that the offended party experienced is another effective way of apologizing. When expressing acknowledgement of the pain or embarrassment, it makes the person you are apologizing to feel as though you really care and it just you just as bad as it hurt them. These examples are not the only effective ways of communicating apologies effectively, but starting here is a major step forward from the...

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