Effects of Vietnam War on society

Topics: Vietnam War, Agent Orange, South Vietnam Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: September 20, 2014
Impact of The Vietnam War on Society (Aus&VC)
The Vietnam War had a lasting effect on Vietnam Vets, Who although fought their hardest for their country returned to a country that saw them as murderers and less than heroes. There were no parades for them and they were met with contempt rather than gratitude. Many of the Vietnam veterans suffered from both psychological and medical problems from open battles, sniper attacks, chemical warfare and just the general stress of war life. Although the Vietnam war had many negative impacts, this war was the turning point in Australian society, It started the multicultural community that Australia boasts of today. Although at first resistance to the war was limited, although the Australian Labour party(in opposition for most of this period) steadily opposed conscription. Anti war sentiment escalated rapidly in the late 1960s as more and more Australian soldiers were killed in battle. The introduction of conscription by the Australian government during the war also enraged some, and groups of people resisted the call to military service(which was punishable by a jail sentence) by burning the letters notifying them of their call to national service. Growing uneasiness towards the rapid atrocities committed against the Vietnamese civilians lead to the rapid increase of opposition between 1967 and 1970. In Australia support for the war waned as it went on. Many of those who opposed involvement in Vietnam joined the political left, contributing to the election of a Labour Government in 1972. The Vietnam era was a time of social upheaval in Australia’s case, the war galvanised the protest movement, giving disparate groups an organising principle. Those who sought social change across a range of issues unrelated to the war found common cause in opposing Vietnam and compulsory national service. For obvious reasons the war in Vietnam had a major impact on both south and north Vietnam. The combination of American might and the...
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