Election Commission Malaysia

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The Election Commission of Malaysia (EC) is a commission for the purpose of controlling the law and rules by organizing elections in Malaysia. The Election Commission falls under the operation of the Prime Minister’s Department. The Election Commission was formed in 4th September 1952, under Article 144 of the Constitution of Malaysia which empowered it to conduct elections for the Dewan Rakyat also the state legislative parties. After the Election Commission formation of Malaysia in 1963, another member of Sabah and Sarawak was added to represent the two states in the process. Furthermore, The Election Commission consist of a chairman, a deputy chairman and five members, which appointed by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong after consulting the Conference of Rulers. The Election Commission has the power to set the limits and boundaries of the constituencies, considering the electoral roll of registered voters, and regulate the manner in of how the elections will be conducted. Although the Election Commission is in control, the Constitution will not be influence by the government in a way but the constitution has generally considered aiming by protecting the independence of the Commission. It is protected by The Act and can only be removed through the same procedure by the judge of the Supreme Court. However, the commissioner cannot be altered to his disadvantage after he has been appointed. Besides that, the members of the Commission are appointed in which they have the trust and confidence of the public. The Constitution is not necessarily required consultation with the Prime Minister in this matter. Under the Article 40 of the Federal Constitution that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong cannot act on his own discretion unless it is fully and clearly expressed. In other cases, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong must comply passively to the advice of the Prime Minister. The functions of the Election Commission duties are also reviewing the boundaries of the parliamentary and state constituencies by holding elections and carrying out registration. During the polling day, the Election Commission and the officers will be placed and stationed at the polling centers nationwide to control and also to not overlook the process of voting during that day. The definition of General Election stands for an election involving all or most constituencies of a state or a nation in the choice of candidates. This year, the Malaysian General Election 2013 was held on the 5th May 2013 followed by the dissolution of the Parliament which has been announced by the Prime Minister on the 3rd April 2013. In order for the public to vote, they must be over 21 years old and is a Malaysian Citizen. Before the Election Day, voters need to be registered first to keep the data during the polling day. The registration of voters for Malaysian is divided into two categories. Postal Voters and Absent Voters which require such as being in the Armed Forces that are in services, Government Personnel who are in service aboard, Individual who are studying full time abroad (which they are sponsored by the Government) and Spouses to the list that are stated. For Normal Voters, the Consulate General of Malaysia in Karachi provides service that helps people who need to be registered on behalf of the Election Commission of Malaysia (SPR). However, the registration is only done in a certain period of time. Therefore, The Consulate General of Malaysia in Karachi will make the announcement for the registration and checking of the voting list when a request is for it therefore, The Consulate General of Malaysia will assist or help with the registration process. Each register has to provide their own important documents also identification documents that proves and provide the confirmation of the applicant’s citizenship. However, on the Election Day, normal voters need to return to Malaysia to cast their votes based on their registered areas. For Postal Voters, they are required to...

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