Election Speech

Topics: Democracy, Election, Voting Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Hello Friends,
On behalf of Students Revolutionary party – popularly known as SRP – I Shipra Desai, welcome you all. I am going to give you an idea of what can be done together and request your whole hearted support for the same. Our country is a democratic country and elections are an integral part of Democracy and we are thankful to our Pankaj Sir to give us a chance to actually experience the election process. The next Loksabha elections will be in 2014, the vidhan sabha elections have been just announced and following the footsteps, our class elections are also announced. I on behalf of Students Revolutionary Party requests all my friends to vote and canvass for my party. We, if elected in power, intend to promote and canvass lot of beneficial activities for all us. Some of them are following the ideology of our party and are very much revolutionary. All of us know that Ahmedabad has got only two seasons – Hot and Hotter. To address this issue we intend to put forward our demands for AC class rooms to help us study comfortably. Not only this we intend to do lot of tree plantation activities as a social cause and improve the environment. SRP will be canvassing for extra classes not only for the weak students but students who want to pursue extra studies in other subjects. SRP will do all out efforts to try and convince the school authorities to help such students after regular school hours. This way student will end up spending more time in the school and they would need to have food requirements. We are going to propose to the school authorities to set up a canteen facility serving healthy and nutritious food. Besides studies, SRP will be focusing on extra-curricular activities also. Many of us are good at sports, dance, debates and elocution. Many of us are having different hobbies also. SRP will be pursuing the school authorities to promote such activities in the school so that the hidden capabilities in the students are fully exploited. SRP will be...
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