Electoral College

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The Electoral College is a group of people who elect a president and vice president. It is described in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. The electors are not required to follow popular vote, so, candidates can win electoral vote and presidency and not win popular vote. It would be more politically and economically beneficial to the USA to keep the Electoral College and not let the public take full advantage of the votes because the public will most likely vote for materialistic reasons and not political reasons.

The public should take full advantage of the vote since they are “The People” they know what the best is and what is not. The Electoral College should be abolished for several reasons, but one important reason is the Electoral College votes for what they want, not what public wants. Why is it fair to have the Electoral College vote and have it count but not the public? The Electoral College is just the same as the public and should vote like everyone else. They are not more important as the public and should vote just as equally. The public should vote because they live in every state in the U.S. and should all agree on one thing, not have a building of 538 people decide for our entire country.

The Electoral College should not be abolished because it helps our country in many ways. The public should have the right to vote, but, not have full advantage. The Electoral College elects the candidates based on political reason, while on the other hand, the public will likely vote based on looks, the ways the candidates dress, their name, etc. Just because the candidate is great in fashion that does not mean that they are great in politics. In 2000 the public voters were interviewed for why the voted for Bill Clinton. A woman answered the question with, “Because he was handsome.” This is pure evidence for why the public should not take full advantage of voting.

The public should vote and abolish the Electoral College because the public...
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