Electoral College

Topics: Elections, Voting, Democracy Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: November 21, 2014
Madison Mathis
Electoral College
I think that the Electoral College is not a fair way of choosing the President because even though we are the ones voting for the president in the end THEY choose who the president will be in the end. Our vote is more of a reference and it’s taken into consideration, because one candidate can win the popular vote but it can end up that the other candidate wins. Each vote should count and count equally. We should be able to choose who WE want to run OUR country because it is OUR country. The people’s opinion should always be taken into consideration and it should matter. In a democracy majority rules so whoever the people choose is who we should get. Is it not our choice? The Electoral College is basically a way for the government to control everything as usual. States should be treated as equally as possible when it comes to choosing someone to run how we decide things for potentially the next two years. The Electoral College creates the possibility for the loser of the popular vote to win the electoral vote. If that’s the case then there is more of a re4ason for the people to ask, why do we vote? Or why does it matter? Everyone pushes us to vote, vote, vote but when you look into it and see that your vote may not matter then it discourages those people. The choice of who we want to run should be our choice, because then if something bad happens then we only really have ourselves to blame. So as my opinion stands the Electoral College is not a fair or Democratic way of choosing the president.
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