Electoral College: Are you being cheated?

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Are You Being Cheated?
Over the years the Electoral College has been proven to be outdated. People wonder constantly if their vote counts anymore or, if this method is affective any longer. There are three main reasons why the Electoral College is outdated and should be abolished. The presidential candidates only pay attention to the states with the most Electoral votes, we also have a larger and more educated population then when this was originally set up, lastly it does not seem as if your vote really counts since there have been at least four occurrences where the president with the popular vote has lost the election.

The first problem with the Electoral College is that the presidential candidates only pay attention to the states with a high amount of Electoral votes. The problem is that each state is allotted a certain number of votes which equals to the number of senators, two, plus the number of representatives in that state (Clayton 30). This is why we see presidential candidates paying attention to the states with the larger amount of electoral votes and leaving the smaller states out. This concept causes us to have a voting population that is going into vote based solely on what they have seen on televisions and read in papers. The presidential candidate only needs two hundred seventy votes to win the election even though the total number of electoral votes is five hundred thirty-eight (Clayton 30). This could be an issue because the presidential candidate could become lazy because when you think about it, it really is not that hard to get two hundred seventy votes. These votes are not hard to get because California holds fifty-five, New York holds thirty-one, and Florida holds twenty-seven of those votes. This is another thing that causes states with low votes to get ignored. No one is going to pay attention to a state with three votes when there is a state that gets fifty-five.

Another reason the Electoral College is believed to be...

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