Electoral Process in the Philippines

Topics: Election, Elections, Voting system Pages: 10 (2539 words) Published: October 2, 2013
(Automated Election System Assessment)

A paper to be presented to Professor Fe Atanacio-Blas
Department of International Studies
Institute of Arts and Sciences
Far Eastern University
Joya, Jemicah M.

Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

October 2013

Table of contents
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II. Introduction 1 – 4

III. Body 5 – 8

IV. Conclusion 9 – 10

V. Bibliography 11 – 13

In this research paper, an overview of the electoral security in the Philippines and its assessment will be discussed off and its strategic objectives, its main cause, influences and conflicts. Electoral security that United States Agency for International Development provided manages a study to prevent conflict in order to assess and made a hypothesis. The Electoral Security Framework was used as a basis to conduct analysis in the current situation of the Philippines electoral cycle and recommended strategies for 2013 and 2016 electoral cycles. This paper aims reader to understand and be able to realized effectiveness of electoral system evaluation process and its contribution to the country.

Electoral System Analysis
Electoral system in the government of the Philippines is one of the means to be able to vote and sustain the objectivity of election process activity. In reality, this system reveals the presence of violence and violence prevention becoming a bulwark against political dynasties. At this present time, assessments of electoral security were being studied in order to analyze conflict factors, considered findings and restrained planning recommendations in electoral process.

Philippines as having a framework in election process can be characterized as a weak state that lacks monopoly on the use of violence and certain challenges that posed through geography and insurgent groups were in controlled areas; with an impunity-political gain it could be achieved. As politics in the Philippines is a heavy influenced between families it was given that history of so called dynasties who tends to widely spread the use and/or prevention of violence, therefore achieving political gains causes a hard time to spread a strategic economic and political government; though a consequence of country’s First-Past-The-Past system may further motivate candidates not to employ violence due to history and influence voters’ selections.

Underlying on such vulnerabilities on the election-related violent incident there are also the implications for the cross sector planning and prevention efforts that should be considered. Prior on the 2010 elections; COMELEC, PNP and AFP had enhanced and provide security across the country and had an implementation in reducing violence on Election Day. For this 2010 election in the form of Precinct Council Optical Scan (PCOS) machine, was been introduced nationwide as an electronic voting and given for to reduce many violence. However there is this presence of Post-election Phase has called into a question that will eliminate rivals though still remains vulnerability for an electoral cycle in the year 2013.

Since the 1986 People Power Revolution conflict experienced and arises. Few regions in the country had devoid of ERVI’s and concentrated in following areas referred as election-violence hotspots: Abra, Nueva Ecija, Maguindanao, Sulu and Basilan these are only given regions that violence are...

Bibliography: Dalpino, C. E. (2011). Challenges for a Post-Election Philippines. Council on Foreign Relations.
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