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Topics: Computer, Output, Personal computer Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: June 10, 2014
BEL 492
Student’s Name:Aminah Binti Mohd Faizol
Faculty / Group:Faculty of Accountancy / ACB8Aa
Lecture’s Name:Ms. Norida Abd Razak
Title:Television as a Computer Monitor
Order :Chronological order
General purpose:To inform (processes)
Specific purpose:To inform my audience of the how to use television as a computer monitor Central idea:Television can be used as a computer monitor through three main steps that are considerations about condition of TV and computer, creating the connection between television and computer, and changing computer settings.

I.Want to make your computer experience a little...bigger? For sure you want to watch your favorite movie in a big screen because it easy to watch, and give you a lot of satisfaction. II.When I want to decide to watch TV using computer a few years ago, I really have no idea how to connect the cable. Then, at that time my friend shows me easy steps on how to do it. III.I have learned about the steps during that time and I did additional research for this speech. IV.Today I will inform you three main steps of how to using television as a computer monitor which are consist consideration about condition of TV and computer, connections between them and changing computer settings. (Transitions: Let’s start by looking for what are the considerations)

I.The first step is to take considerations about the condition of television and computer in order to get the best result after changing it. A.Keep the television at the right height for computer use 1.It is best to keep the television at a height where your eye level is roughly ¾ of the way up the screen, much like with a monitor. B.Make sure your television has good resolution

1.When your computer sends the image to the television, it’s going to be designed for a much smaller screen. 2.Even with a high resolution TV, some text may appear blurry. 3.With a lower resolution...

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