Electronic Voting Machine Using 8051 Microcontroller

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By: G.CHAKRADHAR REDDY (07241A0263) R S R GAUTAM (07241A0268) P. KIRAN KUMAR REDDY (07241A0274) B. NAGA TULASI RAM (07241A0280)


List of Contents
Abstract 1. Background 2. Microcontroller 2.1 Introduction 2.2 History 2.3 Definition of a Microcontroller 2.4 Microcontrollers vs Microprocessors 2.5 Memory Unit 2.6 Central Processing Unit 2.7 Bus 2.8 Input Output Unit 2.9 Serial Communication 2.10 Timer Unit 2.11 Watch Dog 2.12 Analog to Digital Converter 3. Introduction to 16X2 LCD Display 3.1 Pin description 3.2 DDRAM - Display Data RAM 3.3 BF - Busy Flag 3.4 Instruction Register (IR) and Data Register (DR) 3.5 Commands and Instruction set 3.6 Sending Commands to LCD 4. Project Description 4.1 Block diagram 4.2 General working 4.3 C language code 5. Project Methodology 5.1 Components 5.1(a) Ballot unit 5.1(b) Control unit 5.2 Software used 5.3 Equipments used 5.4 Procedure of building the EVM 5.5 Using the Electronic Voting Machine 5.6 Hardware schematic 4 5 10 10 10 12 13 14 15 16 16 16 17 18 19 23 23 24 24 24 24 24 25 25 26 30 34 34 34 34 34 34 35 35 37


6. Result and Conclusion 7. Applications 8. Future Scope 9. References and Bibliography

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India is world’s largest democracy. It is perceived to be charismatic one as it accommodates cultural, regional, economical, social disparities and still is able to stand on its own. Fundamental right to vote or simply voting in elections forms the basis of Indian democracy. In India all earlier elections be it state elections or centre elections a voter used to cast his/her vote to his/her favorite candidate by putting the stamp against his/her name and then folding the ballot paper as per a prescribed method before putting it in the Ballot box. This is a long, time-consuming process and very much prone to errors. This situation continued till election scene was completely changed by electronic voting machine. No more ballot paper, ballot boxes, stamping, etc. all this condensed into a simple box called ballot unit of the electronic voting machine. EVM is capable of saving considerable printing stationery and transport of large volumes of electoral material. It is easy to transport, store, and maintain. It completely rules out the chance of invalid votes. Its use results in reduction of polling time, resulting in fewer problems in electoral preparations, law and order, candidates expenditure, etc. and easy and accurate counting without any mischief at the counting centre. It is also eco friendly. Our EVM consists of one microcontroller AT89S52. The unit consists of one LCD, 6 push buttons, couple of switches, an LED and a buzzer, etc. The port 0 of microcontroller is used for interfacing the led, port 2 is used for control switches, port 3 is used for interfacing push buttons for voting. This project is based on C language programming. The software platform used in this project is Keil uVision3 and PROTEUS.



Democracy and Voting Democracy has come to be accepted as the most preferred form of political system all over the world. However, the success of a democratic structure is to be judged by the successes that can be solely attributed to this system. There are various challenges before democracy. These are foundational challenges, challenge of expansion and deepening of democracy. All of these are dependent on how the democracy is perceived by people who form the government, participate in formation of government and are benefited by it. As we all know that India is world’s largest democracy. It is perceived to be charismatic one as it accommodates cultural, regional, economical, social disparities and still is able to stand on its own. India follows a federal form of government. It means that governance power is...
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