Emerging Issues in Multiculturalism

Topics: Multiculturalism, Religion, Pluralism Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Emerging Issues: Ethnic Socialization and Religious Pluralism

Emerging Issues: Ethnic Socialization and Religious Pluralism In this multicultural world, the lack of a multicultural approach in psychology detracts from the goals of psychology and the veracity of psychological research. How deeply is the European-American and Western viewpoint engrained into the awareness of those living in Western society? In pointing out that some introductory psychology texts are beginning to address this lack of a multicultural approach, Segall (1999, p. 327) says, tongue-in-cheek, (about cross-cultural psychology, although this also applies to multicultural psychology), that we should see even more multicultural texts in the new millennium, but “as ethnocentrically measured on the Western, Christian calendar.” Even a simple phrase like “new millennium” is ethnocentric. There is a host of emerging issues in multicultural psychology, and here we will address two: ethnic socialization and issues created by religious pluralism across cultures. We will describe the impact of these issues on society and explain how these issues will affect the interaction among culturally diverse groups. Multicultural psychology is about taking into account the effect of culture on individuals and their behavior. "Multicultural means multiple ways of knowing or multiple worldviews. By its very nature, a multicultural approach is complex and contextual. What applies in one context may not necessarily apply in another” (Hall, 2010, p. 2). In the attempt to understand that socialization does not simply occur in the same manner across the globe, the multicultural approach has begun to examine a specific type of socialization called ethnic socialization. It “emphasizes one’s cultural heritage and how to deal with difficult experiences as an ethnic minority (Huynh and Fuligni, 2008). Prior to this, the research on socialization would be primarily conducted with Western, Western European,...

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