Emotions and Feelings

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Emotions and feelings
As humans we experience many types of emotions. They are often classified as positive or negative emotion. Some lists contain up to 1000 different shades of emotion. There is some confusion over whether emotions and feelings are the same thing. We freely talk about how we feel when describing emotional states, and use the words interchangeably. Actually, there are only three types of feelings: pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral. There is a huge list of human emotions that we are capable of experiencing. Postive Human Emotions : Comfort, Gladness, Hopefulness, Pleasure, Joyfulness, Delight, Excitement, Satisfaction, Excellence, Peacefulness, Positive, Cheerfulness, Love, Pleasure etc. Also Negative human emotions, such as Anger, Confusion, Frustration, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Panic, Disappointment, Sadness, Stress and others. Ask people what emotions do they experience in a week and they’ll invariably say those common emotions. The more type of emotions we feel, the more colorful our life experience will be. Take happy. There is happy, ecstatic, cheerful, relax, exited, etc. All those emotions are unique in their own way but we usually label it as happy. And what is happiness? Thinking of it we all feel the same but every one means a different thing. It's even not so easy to answer the question at once, because there's no concrete notion of the word. A person draws happiness making conclusions of his own life experience. There may be a large number of intriguing conclusions contained in this word. As for some people happiness is more an attitude to life than the state of things, for the rest it's an opposite viewpoint.  If a person suffers from diseases all life he'll be the happiest man to recover. His health will be the most important thing, and not just for a moment.  What concerns a healthy man, I guess it's rather more his characteristic to think not of health, but of wealth, as some people consider money to open many doors in this life.  For old parents it must be the top of happiness when all their children safe and sound come to visit them, to help them and gather around a big table.  For an ordinary student like me real happiness is sucessfully passed exams with the time to have a rest from awful tormets of studying. Leasure time

Many men, many minds. All people are different and they prefer spending their free time in different ways. Some of them go to the parks, forests, to the country and enjoy the beauty of nature. Others like to stay at home watching TV or reading books. There are people who are fond of cinema and theatres, so they try to go there as often as possible Somebody prefer only to sleep in their leasure time, but the largest part of us prefer to do a great number of things which are pleasant and interesting for us. Many people think that pupils and students have too much leasure time, but in my opinion, they are wrong. We are very busy. Even during the holiday we learn our lessons. And we just have no time to go somewhere. Oldest of us are working after school or institutes. And don’t forget about hobbies. You should have at least one, it’ll help you to relax, dream and enjoy life. There are so many hobbies to choose: painting, computer programming, photography, fishing, gardening, cooking, walking, learning languages, collecting something and what not. It’s a pleasure to see lots of things made with your own hands, to look through a large collection of old and rare coins, books or stamps, to present your friends with the pictures and drawings created by yourself, to amuse everyone with your green winter garden at home. So, look around more carefully and you’ll find your own and the only one (or even more).  Tastes differ and if you have chosen a hobby according to your character and taste you are lucky. As for me I prefer to spend my free time in different ways. I like to watch movies, to listen music...
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