Empowring Minds /Pob Sba Draft

Topics: School, High school, Education Pages: 11 (2392 words) Published: July 3, 2013


Paper: Business Plan

Leston Mitchell


Entrepreneur Skills

ENT 201

Instructor: Ms. Vesta Patrick

Date: April 19th, 2010


I. Executive Summary 3
a. Mission and Vision Statements 3
II. Description of the business 4
III. Business Objectives 5
IV. Management Structure 6
V. Organisation Structure 7
VI. Business and Industry Profile 8
VII. Marketing Strategy 9-10
VIII. Location and Layout 11
IX. SWOT Analysis 12
a. Strengths 12 b. Weaknesses12
c. Opportunity13
d. Threats 13
X. Financial Forecasts14
XI. Appendix 15
a. Figure 1 16
b. Figure 216
c. Figure 317
d. Figure 417


Name of Company: The Learning Centre (TLC)

Address: Hillsborough, Carriacou

Telephone and Fax Number: To be determined

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 4pm – 8pm


At TLC, our mission is “Enlightening Minds To Reshape Our Future”. It is said that educating an individual, empowers a household. An empowered household can change a community and once communities are changed, so to will our islands. That is the vision of our institution. A Carriacou and Petite Martinique which will be run by educated individuals who recognise the importance of hard work and see the betterment of the society as everyone’s duty and responsibility.

In recent times, quite a lot of our high school graduates have left school with the minimum qualifications. In most cases, Mathematics and English Language are not obtained by these students. We hope to offer Mathematics to those people and later introduce English Language. We see these subjects as vital to the future development of our islands.


TLC is an educational institution geared to the unique needs of the Carriacounian community. With the introduction of Universal Secondary Education, the managers have noticed a sharp decline in the proficiency of our students in the basic and key subject areas, namely Mathematics and English Language. We are therefore seeking to supplement and reinforce the existing curriculum taught at our secondary schools in a learning environment that is dynamically different to the learning environments at our present institutions

Operating during the afternoon to early evening time we hope to provide a valuable service to children who prefer to be academically challenged whilst provideing remedial aid to the students in need. We are also hoping to service the needs of professionals who are looking to advance themselves in their chosen careers.

At present, TLC is in the start-up stage and is requesting start-up capital in order to start operations.

To make our dream a reality, we are therefore asking you, the manager of Republic Bank Carriacou, for $175,000. These funds will be used for constructing the building and for buying the computers and necessary equipment for running the school.

We will be engaging the Government of Grenada in an attempt to obtain the land upon which the building will be erected and also access a small business loan to pay for the rest of the start up expenses. From there we hope that the business will start supporting itself in addition to making payments on the loan.


Our major objectives are as follows:
• To change the way students look at learning...
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