End of Life Biblical Theology

Topics: New Testament, Jesus, Old Testament Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Wesley Seminary
PCRE600: Congregational Relationships
Integration Paper: Biblical Theology
Brandon Busch, MDIV 03

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Issue: What is the role of the pastor in advising the dying and/or their families with end of life decisions? Introduction

This paper considers the full scope of scripture concerning our issue by looking at texts from the Old Testament and then the New Testament. Finally, I will conclude with remarks concerning our direction as the 21st century church taking into consideration both testaments and current contexts. Each testament section reveals different categories that evolve from their respective texts. Again the conclusion will take all these categories into consideration, including current contexts, and fashion a kingdom trajectory for Christ’s present church. Old Testament

The Old Testament contains many references and stories of death. Therefore, it is a great resource in considering the pastor’s role in advising the dying and their families. This leads to the first of two main categories, death. It is important to understand, briefly, how scripture understands death. In short death is inevitable, unpredictable, and unavoidable. Yet it can be an honorable and glorious experience (Nu. 23:10). Death is accepted as unavoidable, for the wise and the foolish (Ps. 49:10). Death is also unpredictable. Solomon records how “no...
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