Topics: Violence, Media violence research, Television Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Charles Ababio
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I read two essays, “Violent Media Numbs Viewers to Pain of Others”, by Diane Swanbrow and “Hate Violence? Turn It Off!” by Tim Goodman. In the first essay the author states that violent media exposure can reduce helping behavior. Basically meaning that people that watch violent media are less willing to help others when it’s needed because they are used to the violence and adapt to it. In the second essay, the author states that people feel that watching violent movies is a problem and is tired of parents complaining that it is damaging to children. Tim Goodman feels that parents should stop complaining and turn off the violence then through child lock and several other ways instead of getting rid of it completely. Personally, I agree with the stand point of both essays because firstly, when people watch violent movies regularly and adapt to the ways of the movies and video games, people start to live it as a reality. Although this doesn’t affect everyone per say, it plays a major role in the decisions we make in life. A lot of people learn from watching television shows and playing video games especially. So, this does affect the willingness of people helping others because they have adjusted to pain and enjoy the thrill from seeing pain. Looking at the second essay, I agree with the point that violent movies should not be ruined for everyone because some people do enjoy watching these movies. In response to the parents that feel that the violent movies are damaging their children, I feel like they should switch the channel or better yet put on a child lock so their children don’t watch these damaging violent movies. It is impossible to tell an adult that they shouldn’t watch violent movies because in the end they are going to make their own decisions. Although this is a big issue for the young children there are several ways to prevent them from watching these violent movies. I agree that we should vote with...
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