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As for most people we all heard of the no child left behind act from 2002 to present. The no child left behind was signed by President Georgia W. Bush. This act establishes that attempts to improve the performance of America’s primary and secondary schools. At the signing of the act there were many arguments for and arguments against no child left behind. no child left behind was a way to improve students learning and direct greater attention to low-achieving students and intensified efforts to improve persistently low-performing schools. There was many causes and effect from this act for primary and secondary schools. The state and district officials report that student achievement on the state tests is rising, which is a cause for optimism. The required state test in all four subjects is rising but not as high as the state would like it to be. The schools are mostly worried about making annual yearly progress. Schools are spending more time on reading and math, sometimes at expense of subject not tested. Schools are paying much more attention to the alignment of the curriculum and instruction and are analyzing test score data much more closely. The most common improvement is greater alignment of curriculum and instruction with standard tests and assessments. The no child left behind act requirement that districts and schools be responsible for improving not only the academic achievement of students as a whole but also the achievement of each group of students. Adequate yearly progress requires states to create accountability systems of tests, graduation rates and other indicators. The schools have to make (AYP), as determined by the state, by rising achievements levels of subgroups of students such as African Americans, Latinos, low-income students, and special education students to a state- determined level of proficiency.

As you can see there are many more effect to the no child left behind act. The no child left behind act many people will support...
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