Topics: Human, Respect, Privacy Pages: 1 (540 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Vanessa Luna
Ms. Shropshire
March 17, 2015

Celebrity Rights
Why they should be treated with respect
Celebrities should have more respect, not because they have fame and money, because they don't receive the respect they should normally receive. People often say “They chose to be famous, they should suck it up.” I don't think this is true. I think that celebrities should be respected better because fame shouldn't affect they way they're treated.

Most celebrities just wanted to follow their dream, and do what they most like, not receive a lot of attention on purpose. Yes, celebrities love their fans and are very grateful, but paparazzi is something else. Paparazzi are known to be sneaky and annoying. They love to invade privacy for money. I think they should be able to take pictures when the celebrity is in the street or in a public place, not in in private property. Celebrities should be respected like normal people because the only main difference between him/her and you, is the recognition they receive. They could have the same job, even the same paycheque in some occasions, but they are known and you aren’t. This should not be an excuse to the invasion of their privacy. Paparazzi have crossed the lines to taken private pictures of them being on vacation until their are interrupted by them. There are celebrities that like exposure, but not all. Paparazzi ignore the “not all” part. Besides taking inappropriate pictures, they also love to ask personal questions. Celebrities are normal human beings like you and I. They have more money, but the same amount of feelings. Paparazzi have gone to the point when they ask questions about family members with health issues, to also asking insulting questions about their personal relationships. Even when they are answered back with respect, paparazzi make up a fake story twisting their answer into their liking. They make up huge scandal out of nothing to raise their paycheque. All respect and privacy is gone. There is...
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