English For Business Chapter 2 Capitalization Rules

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English Composition

Capitalization Rules

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize the first word in a sentence or direct

Jimmy was 17 years old.
He said, “My dad is the greatest.”

Capitalize names of individuals and the word I.

It was Marry, not Miss Joe, who had an accident.
I always come to class on time.

Capitalize family relationships used with names.

I am glad that Uncle John helped us.
I saw Aunt Sarah in the party.
My uncle will come from UK next week. (No name with uncle)

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize the names of nationalities, religions
and languages.

The nationalities of my two friends are American and Brazilian. He is a Muslim.
He speaks Spanish fluently.

Capitalize the days of the week, months,
holidays and religious occasions.

My birthday falls on Tuesday this year.
The best time to visit England is in March or April.
They celebrated Christmas well.
However, the seasons of the year are not capitalized, spring, summer, fall and winter.

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize the names of specific places
including monuments.

Let’s go to Salang after one month.
Taj Mahal is one of the world’s great wonders.

Capitalize the names of companies, political
groups and official organizations.

I prefer to buy oil from Union oil.
The May company has huge sales every year.
Their parents support Democratic Party

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize the names of commercial products
or brand names.

I want to buy Dove soap.
Dandruff is helped by Head and Shoulders shampoo.

Capitalize titles of books, magazines, essays,
poems, stories, plays, articles, films, television
shows, songs and cartoons.

Book: I enjoyed Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
Magazine: I always read Time magazines
Essays: My essay is entitled “Women in politics:

Capitalization Rules

Poem: The poem “As you Like It” is a good poem.
Story: “Flowering Judas” is Katherine Anne Porter’s
best short story.
Play: I read Shakespeare's Hamlet and enjoyed it.
Article: I read an article entitle “ Saving Faces”.
Film: Each year the film version of Gone with Wind is
shown without losing its popularity.
Television show: “Oprah show”
Song: “ Here I Am” “Addicted” “Heaven”
Cartoon: My young brother likes to watch Tom &

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize titles used in front of a person’s

Mr. Franklin
Ms. Jain
Mrs. Milford.

Capitalize specific college courses.

I want to take Public Speaking in the coming semester.
He teaches Statistics.

Capitalization Rules
Capitalize abbreviations of familiar
organizations, countries, & time.

Organization: FBI, UN
Countries: USA
Time: 10:00 A.M., 1:15 P.M

Capitalize the first word of the opening and
closing of a letter.

Dear Sir,
Dear Dr. Lopez,
Best regards,

The End

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