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Topics: Elections, Political party, Election Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: May 21, 2015
 Student no.56273533 ENN103F Assignment 03
(1)Yes I do believe that the passage does confirm this expectation that the Nehru-Ghandi dynasty is under threat. They have been in power from 2004 but now voters and other party's are ready for a new era.Nehru's great grandson Rahul Ghandi has been representing Ikror and he is the sole face of the venerable congress party's campaign. Pollsters predict that this will be the heaviest defeat recorded for the congress party.there is a lot of discontent directed at the Nehru-Ghandi dynasty although they have represented them for decades. Rahul Ghandi represents the Dalits yet few have much that is good to say about the man who represents them. (2)The coming elections is described as the world's biggest exercise in democracy because of the very large population of the country. Voting in India's general elections runs for five weeks and an estimate of 500 million people take part. Since 1947 the Nhuru-Ghandi dynasty has dominated the countries politics but now there are many new parties involved. Surrounding areas which will take part in the voting also have a huge population Lucknow which already has a population of 2.2 million and Delhi with 15 million inhabitants. (3) There are great changes sweeping the country and young people especially are being effected.The biggest social change will be the downfall of one of the world's most successful political dynasties. The crime rate is very high and it is particularly among teenagers with help from a social worker to rehabilitate the juveniles. The economy is also doing well in recent years there have been improvement in Ikror there are new pavings,cement drains,the electricity supply is improving and half the villages have toilets at home. The literacy levels have also increased from 33% to 68%. The Ideological change that sweep through India are the entertainment and lifestyle channels where people are learning new customs trough popular soaps. News stations are harsh to...
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