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Topics: Culture, Pico Iyer, Third World Pages: 5 (1189 words) Published: February 21, 2015
Shimoni Shah
Dr. Graves
EH 101-1EE
8 October 2014
Globalization through Multimodal Visuals: Is it Good or Bad?
Has globalization made a big impact on the world? Is globalization a good or bad thing? Globalization has been a big part of the world. Images of globalization give off a greater understanding of globalization. It allows people to create their own opinion. The image and the multimodal video used to support Pico Iyer’s argument gives off two sides of globalization, along with the multimodal video to depict globalization. Pico Iyer’s essay uses the image to focus on the good side of globalization, whereas the multimodal video supports the bad side of globalization because of the visuals that are used.

Pico Iyer views that the world is attaining a level of globalization that was only dreamt about. He talks about how Italian food is served casually in a Saigon restaurant and “burger joints” are popping up all over places like Japan. He describes the typical morning with examples of living in a multicultural environment. He also talks about how the dispersion of people becomes greater. For example, one new baby in every four is Arab. The author also brings light to some cities, like Hong Kong and Paris. They are becoming more and more globalized. Iyer is basically saying that the American culture is everywhere. Citizens of various countries, like Hong Kong, bring their own customs that contribute to globalization. Economic factors, such as capitalism, are bringing people together while tearing down nationalistic lines that divided them. Capitalism is an economic and political system where a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners. Today, everything has sped up, such as communication and traveling. Countries like Iran, North Korea, and other third world countries are put at a disadvantage and are damaging their futures. America is emerging with a new role, which is as a new multicultural superpower and not as a military superpower.

An image is used to support Iyer’s argument of globalization. In the image, there is one man holding the whole planet. This signifies that everyone is doing the same thing and moving forward together. It means that all the countries are progressing together, culturally, economically, and socially. One of the features is that the man holding the planet symbolizes that there is support no matter what. The globe will not fall because it is being held up. None of the countries will fall because they are always being supported by the others. When analyzing, the genre of the image is clip art. It symbolizes the good side in globalization. Also, there are no colors used. The image is in black and white, maybe suggesting that globalization is good or bad only. There is no in between with globalization.

Not only is globalization shown through an image, but also a multimodal video. In the multimodal video, globalization is connected through phones, airplanes, and the Internet. Through this, people and other things can easily exchange information. There is always an active exchange of goods between countries. Service, knowledge, cultural goods, and language also influence globalization. In this specific multimodal image, globalization is taken in a negative way. When analyzing it, the genre is a video clip. The features from the viewer’s perspective are negative. For example, job opportunities to many of the local people decrease. As a result, they do not have social or health insurance. Another disadvantage is climate change. As different modes of transportation carry goods, they release carbon dioxide, which is the main cause of global warming. The elements of the images are cut outs of pictures to show what the speaker is saying. The images move fairly quickly in order to prove the point. The moving images are combined with sound by having the speaker talk in the background while the images are moving. Globalization’s positive and negative effects will continue to...
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