Essay about documentary "Daughter from Danang."

Topics: Vietnam War, Da Nang, Culture shock Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: November 30, 2005
"Here, my daughter is, thinking all I want is money" (I want to connect this to the end by showing how Heidi experienced CS and use the language barrier as an example).

"Daughter from Danang" is a documentary about Mai Thi Heip. She was taken from her mother at age 7 during the Vietnam War's "operation Baby Lift". She was adopted by an American family in Tennessee and became 101% Americanized, and given the name Heidi Bub. 22 years later she decides to go to Vietnam to reunite with her birth mother and feel the love she didn't have growing up. This documentary delivers a very non cliché ending no one expects. "Daughter from Danang" takes you through to a powerful, culturally shocking ending.

Mai Thi Heip goes through her first culture shock at the age of seven. She is brought to a more than confusing world where she is told to forget her past and who she is, when in life that's really all that matters, and all that is really known especially at such a young age. Fully Americanized Heidi finds herself getting ready to go to Vietnam to reunite with her mother, and to unexpectedly be hit full force with cultural shock once again.

Many people have never even heard of cultural shock until after they have experienced it. Definitively cultural shock is the anxiety and feelings such as confusion, surprise, and disorientation someone experiences. This is caused by coming in contact with a completely different social environment.

Cultural shock can be an extremely, emotionally overwhelming, causing people to be home sick, overly concerned about hygiene, feeling the new place is dirty, and people become easily irritated. Irritation comes from things that used to be minor such as going to the bank, using the phone, or asking for directions, to things that become very difficult. Other symptoms associated with cultural shock are loss of identity, lack of confidence, or feeling of inadequacy.

There are actually multiple stages pertaining to culture shock. The...
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