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Sometimes loyalty is the most important in a relationship. In the Odyssey loyalty is important. In the book The Odyssey events, development and theme will show how loyalty is important.

Loyalty is important when it comes to marriage and crew members. In the story it says, “ two lay down... enjoyed their love together” (Homer 67). It is very important to keep loyalty in a marriage because you have committed to be with your spouse till death due part. Staying loyal throughout the whole marriage will make your relationship stronger, what does not kill you makes you stronger. Do not let temptation eat you up in the inside. In the reading Odysseus was not being Loyal to his wife Penelopia because he was sleeping with Calypso. Mean while, Penelopia is worried believing Odysseus is dead because he has been gone for a very long time, but truth is he has faced obstacles that have been preventing him to get home to his wife and kids.

Loyalty is important in a relationship. In the reading it says, “She has a patient heart” (Homer 137). Penelopia has her husband far away and she has no idea or clue whether he is dead or alive, but yet is very hopeful to see him back one beautiful day. Although Penelopia has been left behind alone in her kingdom with no husband she has maintained being loyal to to Odysseus in wait for his return. When she could have made her own life with out Odysseus and got remarried to either of the men who want to marry her. There was a line up to who was going to marry her, but poor Penelopia thought Odysseus would come back one day and she would be waiting for him. So she told the citizens she would get remarried as soon as she finished sowing for Odysseus' father and every night she would un sow everything she had sowed in daylight just to kill time.

Loyalty is important when it comes to crew members. In the reading it says, “Death are hateful... but the most pittable death of all is...
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