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David Park 2/26/13

In history events have occurred which changed the way a nation was operated. A great example of a situation like this would be the U.S. between 1820 and 1840 where many events had great effect on the way the nation was steered back in those days. The nation was still very young at the time and had yet to establish a great, equal, and fair operation of the nation but certain events led to greater democracy and fairness in the nation. The events would include Changes in electoral politics which greatly increased the political activities of the population through campaigns and political parties that fought for the common man and also the Second Great Awakening which created much new ideas and practices that gave the common man more equality with other social classes through equal religious rights and reforms to fight for those who were misrepresented.

The politics of the nation was vastly changing between 1820 and 1840. The nation was getting more democratic and fair in its politics by giving a role for the common people of the nation. The two party system was one of the events that led to greater democracy in the nation because it gave opposing ideas to govern the nation as the previously one party system failed to do. This gave the common people a choice to pick which party they saw fit to govern the nation. The nation also gave all white males the right to vote and hold office during this time which gave the white males more power in politics which increased their activities in the politics of the nation. Lower and middle classes were also allowed to hold political offices which showed how the nation was steering towards democracy by giving the common people the right to hold political offices and to vote. The candidates for office were also directing their campaigns more towards the common population because they became aware of how important the common people’s votes were. This increased the common people’s role...
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