Eth035V 03 04 Assignment

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Assignment 03 eth305v
Give a definition of the concept learning style. (2)

Learning style is that consistent pattern of behaviour in which a learnerapproaches and masters learning content, discover his or her world andforms concepts. It is formed in the deep structure of neural organisationand personality which moulds and is moulded by human development and the cultural experiences of home, school and society.

Give a definition of the concept teaching style. (2)

Teaching style refers to the teacher’s consistent personal approach to teaching irrespective of the media or method used. Teaching style is not be confused with a method such as lectures, small group work or oral reports. How would you go about dealing with material in your multicultural school that is still containing stereotypes and omissions. • Often textbooks are biased in that they favour a particular point of view or perspective. • The teacher must evaluate curriculum to determine whether they meet the criteria for a multicultural society • determine what changes are needed.

• comprehensive criteria for evaluating curriculums can help the teacher to achieve this goal. • criteria will also help teachers to become aware of their own subjectivity, biases and prejudices • although no criteria will be suitable for all situations, a list of general criteria will be of value and can serve as guide. • Evaluation criteria involve the following:

- Are there positive role models presented in the material with whom the learners from the various cultural groups can identify? - Are the customs, lifestyles and traditions of people presented in a way that helps to explain the value, meaning and role of customs in their lives? - Is the material free from terms and images deemed insulting and degrading by people of cultural minority groups? - Is the role of women and their impact on society adequately presented? - Is the material presented from the standpoint of a multicultural society? - Does the material provide a balanced representation of cultural groups? - Any other relevant questions.

Discuss four common causes of misbehaviour.

• Inexperience or ignorance
• Physical immaturity
• Curiosity
• Need for belonging
• Need for recognition
• Need for power or control
• Anger release
• Enjoyment, adventure and fun

Discuss the kinds of expectations that teachers can have of learners.

• Behavioural expectations

These include expectations or predictions about self control, leadership and social behaviour.

• Performance expectations

These involve expectations about intelligence, work effort, capabilities and motivation.

Discuss the strategies teachers can use in the forming of expectations.

• Every learner can succeed

o Praise the learners

• Be inclusive

• Establishing trust

• Using language carefully

• Cooperation

• Using teachable moments

Name and discuss four aspects which could
influence the assessment and examining of
learners in a multicultural classroom.
( Learners’ perceptions
Not all learners recognise the role of tests and examinations. Learners need to be taught the significance, value and purpose of testing and evaluation.

( Language and cultural reference
Often the language is inappropriate in terms of the level of readability and comprehension.

( Teacher expectations
Teachers’ who consciously or unconsciously convey messages to learners that they are not bright, are incapable of doing well in tests and ‘always fail’, only generate feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

( Teacher bias
When evaluating and interpreting test and examination results, ateacher’s own bias towards an individual or group might prevent him/her from being fair and reasonable.

Discuss the benefits of parent involvement in a multicultural school....
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